What we do as a Brand Consultancy

A look into the Services we provide for our Clients

Here at Canyon Studios we pride ourselves on being current. We raise the bar when it comes to managing your brand and our expertise span several creative disciplines. This allows us to offer a full coverage quality service.


Web Development


Design & Creative




Animation & Video


Brand Management


PR & Social Media


Brand Management
& Creative Direction

We steer your Brand’s Ship in the right direction
& treat her as if she were our own.

This is what we do. We specialise in all the mediums you need to fly your Brand’s flag, and we have the experience to sail it through the roughest of seas. Our brand management skills along with our great creative direction ensure we not only help you chart the right course, but make you look your very best while we’re doing it.


We love the diversity of our work and enjoy taking small voyages as well as long journeys with our clients. A lot can happen out on the open waters but we always endeavour to make it smooth sailing for all aboard. We love brands and nurture them with you until you’re sailing into that sunset!


Graphic Design
& Art Direction

Beautiful ideas that take off and take flight.

Welcome to the flight deck. Our design and direction from the kids over at the creative team is totally bad-ass, fo’ reals. We have the best creative minds & the technical savvy to propel concepts into print or digital mediums that tell your story via a fleet of graphic communication methods tailored to suit the needs of each brief.


We work with you every step of the way. Clients are encouraged to co-pilot with us as we tackle creative heights and endeavour to find the perfect altitude for final designs. Our structured flight path of sign-off’s for each key stage of the project ensures a perfect course and an even better landing.


Responsive Desktop
& Mobile Device Websites

Stunning websites that look sweet on everything.

Websites must now be programmed to react to any size device as people are using a vast range to connect and interact online. We make sure your website is designed for a quality user experience. One that is both stylish and appropriately responsive really is… the cherry on top.


At Canyon Studios, we think beyond the desktop and craft beautiful websites that anticipate and respond to a users’ needs. A solid foundation in a variety of coding languages and design techniques keep us blurring the line between design and development, demonstrating how you can deliver a sweet experience to your customers no matter how large or portable their display.