The Native Grill

Native Grill is a Utah based Native American food truck business operating in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We were hired to establish its branding and produce its creative materials. Opting for a youthful approach, combined with authentic tones we developed this bold & interesting brand identity.


The Brand

Many hours of research went into developing this identity. It was important to get the correct balance between cultural heritage and modern design. An emphasis was placed on the Eagle’s powerful native symbolism and cultural aesthetics of the south western headdress.


A Natural Typeface

After we had finalized the logo, which consisted of a regular and bastardized typeface, we set out to create a native alphabet to use as part of heading copy, or creatively as typographic design elements.


Street Flyers

Flyers were designed as a marketing tool to attract awareness of this new start-up. Key information hit home the location, time and date of where the food truck would be. Visual prompts on what the truck looked like, and the brand colors were important aspects enforcing visual recognition.


Using the same graphic design we applied to the truck, we developed a punching flyer. This was not only visually interesting and advertising you would be curious to accept, but something to keep hold of via a coupon offer to redeem on your initial visit.

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