The Global Canopy Programme

The Global Canopy Programme (GCP) is a non-profit organization battling to reduce rainforest destruction. Canyon Studios are proud to work with these guys and regularly donate extra project time on tight budgets. We help condense their research and proposals into concise graphic design and well branded materials over a number of GCP departments.


Enabling English, French & Spanish Environments

The GCP have a very specific area of communication based around the countries and languages that are local to endangered rain forests. Therefore, it is important to amplify these messages within their native environments.


An important part of our collaboration is providing several versions in targeted languages. This translation effort enables GCP to reach a maximum audience.


Case Studies & Project Reports

The report brochures that we produce are crucial in presenting in-depth studies carried out by the Global Canopy Programme and it’s partner sponsors.


We design collected data to look its most appealing and clear to digest. A consistency in fonts and colors also communicate the main focuses of the reports.


Below are some example pages from a recent 2015 report. It’s a good example of how many of the reports are communicated. Clear graphics and full page or double page spread photographs help as digestion points and stimulation.


More Projects